No. 357 / Classic Aftershave

Inspired by the James Bond persona, this aftershave is targeted at high class men with some swagger.



charity: water kit

A speculative promotional mailer for charity: water made for a project in college. The mailer informs and engages the user about the world water crisis.



Meridian Bike Fashion

Meridian is a speculative bike fashion pop-up shop that specializes in form, function, and fashion. The target audience consists of primarily bike commuters, bike messengers, and the "hipsters."



Caribou Coffee Annual Report

A 32 page speculative annual report for Caribou Coffee based on the "Allow the Ingredients Speak" concept. .



Stop John, Save Jane

A vending machine campaign and strip club cup to bring awareness to sex slavery in the Charlotte area.



Make the Work Better

An internal campaign for Tocquigny in Austin, TX; made during my internship there. The stationery shown is speculative.



Light Univers

The bulb letterforms are based off of the popular typeface, Univers 57. Published by the Winthrop Dept. of Design and the Anthology. View the process video here.




This typeface was created specifically for a book I wrote titled, Hope and Stuff. The forms are based off of Gill Sans and modified to emphasize the allusion of blueprints and rebuilding.