I decided to donate my 24th birthday to charity: water! In lieu of of gifts, parties, or cake, I'm asking everyone to donate $24 to charity: water, to help fight the world water crisis. For each donation, I'd love to send you a custom postcard from my #lessonsof23 series to say thank you.



Embrace Old Fashioned Manners

A simple reminder to be polite and respectful, to look people in the eye, to give a solid handshake, to remember a stranger's name, to know your friend's lives outside of their social media activity, to live life without always posting it. Ah, a lesson in etiquette, my grandmother would be proud. 

November 2014 – Chicago, IL



Pursue Joy

I'm talking about a joy that's more sustaining and riveting than just settling for contentment. Discover what pumps your soul up and then sprint after that. I'm not saying the result has to be a dramatic life change, I'm just ushering us to start crossing the bridge to find ourselves.

May 2014 – Brooklyn, NYC



Be Captivated

This past year, I've decided that the most interesting and influential person in the room is the person that is totally captivated by something. But why? Because that type of passion is incredibly contagious and unique.

Sometimes it's nice to look up and gaze at the tiny details atop a tall building, or take a second longer to marvel at the rhythm of the waves as they crash on the shore. It's a refreshing change of pace to be in awe of the world around us.

May 2014 – Manhattan, NYC


Clean water can change the world.